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Home improvement is the process of renovating or remodeling one’s home. This process involves making additional changes to the interior and exterior that include; garden improvements, plumbing, electrical, masonry, roofing, concrete, and garage improvements. I believe this is the main areas among others that make the process complete.

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We know that tackling a DIY job is always fun, but we also know that some jobs are simply too big to tackle by yourself especially if you want the job to look great.   When it comes to your floors, no matter if it is the floor of your home, patio, garage, or office you always want them to look spectacular.  We suggest you always hire a professional when the DIY job is just too big for you.


Concrete Stains

This is a non-reactive coatings or dyes that bond mechanically to the concrete surface. This types of stains penetrate into the surface leaving a smooth coat that makes the floor to be smart and appealing. Stains are of different colors and styles depending on one’s preference. The quality of products also determines how perfect and stylish the stains opt to look like. For instance, it is known that plain concrete most times becomes jaw-dropping with the application of concrete resurrection sealers and stains. Stains are manufactured in-house for assurance of high-quality product and consistent outcome at all times.

Are we able to apply concrete stains?

With the right processes, steps and quality products, it is possible to apply concrete stains without the help of an expert, however, if you want the finished product to look really, good we suggest you hire an expert.  When you hire someone that stains concrete for a living, you are getting their expertise, and knowledge on how to do this job properly.  They most likely have stained hundreds if not thousands of floors and they know the exact process of what should be done to make the floor look spectacular.   With that said if you want to try it yourself here are a few things you will need to do this type of job.

Tools needed

  1. Garden sprayer
  2. Pressure washer


Materials Needed

  1. Quality Stain
  2. Concrete Sealer


Step 1  Clean the area with water.

Using the pressure washer wash the area in order to remove dirt, wax, paint and other contaminants that may hinder the process.

Step 2  Protect the walls

Wrap a plastic around the walls in order to prevent the destruction of the wall bricks. The stain may penetrate through the walls thus leading to cracks on the bricks.

Step 3  Apply the stain.

Using the plastic garden sprayer halfway with water start spraying slowly to add stain. While holding the nozzle of the wand at about 19 inches from the floor start from the corner spraying the mixture. Continue applying the mixture until it coats well on the concrete.

Step 4  Add the second coat.

Wait until the floor is dry, and repeat the same procedure to apply the second coat of stain. In order to you to mob the floor so that you may remove remains of the residue the floor must be completely dry.

Step 5  Apply the sealer.

It is recommended to use a pump-up garden sprayer to apply the sealer. Make sure one applies two light coats of the sealer instead of one heavy coat. It is always advisable to give time the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. This steps ought to make your floor as smooth as possible.

The above steps show that applying concrete stain is a DIY project since it does not really require an expert to work on the project. Basically, a good number of the home improvement projects can be done by homeowners starting from applying concrete stain to garden and garage maintenance.

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