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Have you recently bought a home? Don’t like the interior paint finish and want to change it? Provided below are a few of the paint finishes used for painting houses. This write-up will provide you essential ideas on picking a paint finish so that you might choose something which will certainly satisfy your style and taste so just continue reading.

High Gloss

The very first one is high gloss paint. This one will certainly provide surfaces a shiny finish. It is the same as what plastic or enamel provides. If you are going to pick this, you have to remember that you must sand and prepare the area well as this can enhance the imperfections. Because of this, it is not that commonly used as an interior paint. It is more typically used in painting trim and doors as it can offer an uninviting and cold appearance.

high gloss


Semi-gloss paint is the next one. It just has a subtle shine so the surface which will be painted with this will not be too plush. Also, you can quickly clean areas painted with this.

Matte Finish

The third one is matte finish paint. This is the most commonly made use of paint finish for interior walls. It can’t reflect light so it will certainly be good in camouflaging imperfections in your walls such as cracks or bumps.

Eggshell Finish

Following is the eggshell finish. Its finish will resemble the lowest sheen of an eggshell. It just provides a slight shine so it will additionally be a great selection for painting walls. It is slightly better than matte finish as this one can be cleaned more quickly.

Satin Finish

The last type included in this list is the satin finish paint. It has more gloss and has a silky smooth appearance. It can be used in painting interior walls, however, this one is more commonly used in painting ceilings, trims, doors, and windows. You can easily wash an area painted with this using a light scrubbing.

So those are just some of the interior paint finishes which you could make use of and the tips concerning these. Remember that if a type of paint is shiny, it will be able to stand up to cleaning and washing much better. Also, if you are to paint your kid’s room, make certain to select satin paint or eggshell finish for the walls. As you might realize, kids like to write on walls so it is best to select a type of paint which can survive constant cleanings well. Hopefully, this article will help you make the best choice.

Choose the Right Paint System

house exteriorThere are many different parts of a house which needs painting. For the best protective and decorative value, each must be considered separately. Like for Architraves, Door Frames and Skirting Boards. All these lumber “fixings” are liable to be kicked, knocked and scratched. A good oil-based paint system will give the best protection against scuffing. Hand marks will wash off easily, provided you choose a hard-wearing paint.

For bargeboards, soffit and other exposed woodwork, high up on older houses, might need some repairs before repainting. The original lumber often isn’t highly resistant to weathering and, unless properly protected, some parts decay in a few years. You need the best quality paint here. Use a weather-resistant paint over primer or undercoat. However, if the surface is sound, no primer is required.


If you have other painting tips, please submit your tip to us, we would love to hear it.


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